Breathe Out

If you’re overwhelmed by the mammoth load of work you need to put in to reach your target, if you’re pressured by the deadline you set up for yourself, this blog post is for you. I totally understand the urge to get there, and the overwhelm emotions of getting all right, but sometimes you need to breathe in and breathe out before taking another step.

Breathe Out - Shreya Badonia

As I write this post, I have my cupboard to arrange, I have to send a video to my editor, I have to reply to a few emails for a couple of events and call my mom. All this before a new week starts tomorrow. We all go through this, I am not the only one and even you aren’t. We all chose this for ourselves. We could’ve easily settled down with a simple job and live happily ever after but we rather break the mundane life cycle and do something bigger than us. We chose to follow our dreams when millions quit on their dream every day!

This journey, no matter how bumpy, is going you take you to your destination.

You may get doubtful, you will likely to fall short of patience, you’ll get tired yet you’ll get up next morning and try again because you believe in your vision. You will not go back from where you started because you’ve so far, farther than most of us. The next time you get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, remember my words just BREATHE IN AND BREATHE OUT.

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