Covid-19 Taught Us What Our Parents Couldn’t

In this blog post, I talk about what we can learn from Coronavirus and how to practise proper hygiene to stay safe during the outbreak.  Every challenge is an opportunity for us to learn and grow. Today we’ll be learning about some basic hygiene that we all should have learned back in school.


The pandemic that’s taken over the world in the past few months is spreading as fast as the Australian bushfire. What makes it more horrifying is that this time its human who is dying and not the animals. Covid-19 has estimated to killed over 4600 people worldwide and has affected over 146,352 as of drafting this article.

If we look deeper into this, we’ll understand that the problem rises way before than the first incident that happened in Wuhan on Dec 31. The situation is getting worse with each passing day. What makes Covid-19 deadly is its contagious nature with no potential cure. 

Well, there are arrays of articles available online which talks about the origin, symptoms and other details about the coronavirus. After witnessing the havoc and the reaction of mankind on this new episode of life and death, I couldn’t control myself from posting this.

Yesterday, I read about how the wife of Google techie, who was tested positive, jeopardised the life of everyone around her and took a flight to Delhi to be with her parents. People who have been in contact with the lady are being tested in Delhi and in Bangalore. What’s more shocking is people who have the option to stay at home and relax are the ones who have the most problems with govt policies about quarantine. 

You know there are people whose job needs them to be on-road all the damn time. Your momo guy, your uber driver, your maid or the traffic police. They meet tens and hundreds of people every day. If they don’t work, they’ll probably die out of hunger if not Covid-19. Still, they have followed the guidelines peacefully and some of them even stopped daily work. My heart aches when I think about them. 

It’s that time when you can’t predict your future. 

Your life depends on the people around you. It’s not to scare you or anything, it’s just to remind you that you’ve got to be responsible for others life as much as you’re responsible for yours.

All you’ve asked to do is stay at home. Or in case you’re going to work and then take care of your basic hygiene.

It’s really not that difficult. 

Covid-19 has taught us what our parents couldn’t
or maybe they did then why are we creating a fuzz about it? 

These preventions should be part of our daily hygiene, irrespective of Covid-19. They’re not cumbersome practices. They’re things that we should have learned way earlier in our life but didn’t.

Cover-19 Safety


  1. Proper Handwash

We are always supposed to wash our hands in a discreet way they’re now showing in the videos. But we didn’t know it until this outbreak. We should always keep your hands clean, they are one part of your body that touches so many things we are not even aware of. It’s not even about the corona, it’s about our personal hygiene.

Cover-19 Safety

  1. To not cough or sneeze on people 

I have seen people coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth. I really want to ask them if they’ve been to school? Come on, guys. This is unacceptable before corona outbreak and deadly afterwards.

Cover-19 Safety

  1. To not pick your nose

Ugh. I see at least one person every day picking their nose. No matter how much you deny it, you’ve seen it too and you’ve done it as well. We are supposed to clean our nose just like any other body part, BUT NOT IN PUBLIC. It’s not good for your repo neither for your health. Period.

Cover-19 Safety

  1. Not to touch our face

You shook hands with one of your friend, the friend who doesn’t wash his hands after taking a piss. Now you are touching your face with the same hands. OMG, I can’t continue this story. Also, as a self-love coach, touching your face is a sign of low self-esteem unless you’re Steve Jobs and you’re posing for this

Cover-19 Safety

  1. To Sanitise our phones regularly 

You take it to the loo, you carry it to restaurants and metro and wherever you go. You also eat your food sometimes playing with your phone. Don’t you think you need it clean it every now and then? Keeping things around us clean and sanitise is also a part of personal hygiene.

Cover-19 Safety


  1. Maintain a gap

Indians and gaps-doesn’t work. I remember my trip to taj Mahal last year, this lady was standing so close to me that I started feeling suffocated. It happens in metro stations, supermarkets, restaurants everywhere. Can we please go back to ONE HAND DISTANCE? Covid-19 is a droplet infection, so if you maintain your distance with people with coronavirus, you’re safe.

Cover-19 Safety

  1. To not smoke

Do you think smoking and then drinking aloe vera juice for your lungs is going to work? The real battle now is Covid-19 vs your immune system. Wearing a mask while buying Malboro is not going to help you. 

Cover-19 Safety


  1. To live alone
    It’s a human to human contagion disease. The more you keep yourself away from people, the safer you are. However, not many people are happy with the 14-day quarantine decided the govt. They’re more worried about being alone for a fortnight than to jeopardise other people’s lives. Our dependency on people is the root of all our sorrows. Think about it, when you have time.
    Citing Blaise Pascal on confinement 

    “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Learn to live alone. Alone girl

P.S. -I am no expert on this, this is solely created based on my research and observations. If you want to teach people about basic hygiene to stay safe, share this post.

If you want to learn more about Covid-19, please visit the WHO website

Lastly, please stay safe and be a good human being! It counts more now and it ever did before.

Image sources: Google and Unsplash


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  1. – Very well written article Shreya. Covid – 19 has truly reigned in a period of the unknown and uncertainties. Hope people adopt these useful guidelines and precautions that have been explicitly articulated in your blog.

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