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In this blog, I have listed down the free online resources I have been using during the lockdown period.

With so much time in hand, everyone is trying to add new skills in their CVs and their personal growth. I tried to make the most of this time and prepared a quarantine plan for myself and posted as a blog post to help you as well.

But, why do we need to utilise this time?


Number one reason people fail to work on their dreams is lack of time.

They blame their college classes to not follow their passion for music.

They blame their office to not get the time to work on their business.

They blame the traffic, the govt, their spouses and whatnot.

It’s easier to blame than put in the work.

When we get into this blame game, we try to get out the situation guilt-free, who wants to blame themselves not achieving their goals?

No one, right?


With so much time in our hand and fewer distractions, it was never this easier to work on our passion projects!!!

Look at the bright side of coronavirus.


except going out, obviously 😛

If we don’t use this time now, we’ll never do it in the future.

I have been writing on Instagram, Quora for so many years but I have always skipped writing for my own blog, however, I realised that if I don’t do it now with so much time in my hand, I’ll never do it in the future.

This is the time.

If not now, then never.
If not you, then who?

That made me blog every second day of this lockdown.

To help you thrive during this period of global crisis, I am sharing some free online resources for your personal and professional growth. Now, you don’t have the excuse of not taking a course of a class. Hope you make the most of it.

1. Coursera

I have enrolled in Creative Writing: The Craft of Style and I am loving it. There are plenty more options and you can pick anything from psychology to data science.

2. Udemy

From coding, website designing to learning python. Udemy has tons of options to choose from and it’s absolutely free.

3. EdX

Instead of going to respective universities to enrol in their free courses, you can simply check out EdX for courses from top universities like MIT, Harvard etc.

4. Online Learning Harvard

I am currently learning about Neuroscience and Hinduism from Harvard professors. Effing awesome! 😎

5. MIT Open Courses on Youtube

We’ve been giving presentations all our lives but nobody taught us how to give a proper presentation. When I saw How To Speak by Patrick Winston I was astonished by how amazingly well and strategically he explained everything. The fact that he’s no more yet he could teach me was another surprise for me. Must watch for students and working people.

6. Standford Recorded Lectures on Youtube

Robert Morris Sapolsky is an American neuroendocrinologist and author of a bestselling book called Behave. Since I am inclined towards psychology and human science, I found these lectures pure gold. You can definitely find something that you want to from the pool of options from these recorded lectures from Standford.


7. Mindvalley Free Masterclasses

Mindvalley is a pioneer in the personal growth industry. They have the best people to teach you how to meditate, how to work on your mindset and everything under the umbrella of holistic care. Most of their masterclasses are available for free

8. Learn Premiere Pro

Although I am a designer and I work on Adobe Softwares but I am still struggling with video editing. I have editors who edit my videos but it’s always better to learn and edit your own videos, hence I decided to learn some video editing. You can also learn from this video on Youtube which Envato sent to their email list


Apart from all these amazing courses, you can read tons of books; there are free pdfs available online to pick from. You can listen to podcasts and interviews of your idols on various platforms.

In case, you’re dealing with shyness, enrol in my free course Say Bye to Shyness and come out as a more confident person after this crisis.

You can read articles, expand your writing skills and creating your own content by posting blogs like these, making an online presence on social media and networking. Well, you know what let’s do it now!!!!

Comment below what you’re learning these days and feel free to make a conversation with anyone who has commented as well.

Let’s do it guys 💪🏻


9 thoughts on “Free Online Learning Resources”

  1. It’s really amazing. And hats off to your patience and constant motivation towards overcoming your shyness to become confident and more presentable.

    1. Very informative and well documented Shreya!
      I was always keen to learn Video editing😅thanks for sharing that link to learn Adobe Premiere Pro.

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