This Too Shall Pass


The last few weeks have been overwhelming. Since I am a homebody, quarantine didn’t seem uncanny to me. I was fine with working from home and especially when I am home in Bhopal, I didn’t really miss going out to eat.

But ever since the news of extended lockdown started pouring in, I became sceptical about almost everything.

What’s been scarier than the COVID-19 virus is the uncertainty.

I am a very positive person, you’d have that by now but being uncertain about what I am going to do tomorrow or when I am going to move back to Bangalore gives me jitters.

I thought of talking to my mum about this and it seemed like she was just the right person to succour.

My mum survived Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984.

She survived the 1992 Hindu Muslim riots.

When we were living in Tezpur, saw terrorists climbing through our balcony when she was alone with me and my sister.

There were many such incidents when she thought she wouldn’t make it, but here she living her best life at 50.

I know people are dying.

I know it’s a difficult time.

coronavirus motivation

But at least look at the silver lining, Corona is not an airborne disease or we would all be dead by now.

When methyl isocyanate (MIC) spilt out from Union Carbide India Ltd’s (UCIL’s) the entire air of the city got contaminated with the deadly air, there were heaps of dead people in every corner of the street. There was blood flowing all over and it was not good sightseeing of burning people alive.

There have been pandemics where millions of people have lost their lives and many many more have survived.

To be very honest, people like us who’re staying home are in much better shape and we’ll most likely survive.

However, the point of this blog is not survival, it’s more about surviving the mental pandemic that we’re dealing with.

If we manage to look at the brighter side of this, we may manage to handle our mental health, which has been a new low during this outbreak. The amount of emails and messages I have received from people dealing with mental traumas during the lockdown is significantly more than ever before.

People have seen worse and it turned out to be just fine. And if you don’t win the battle you’re in with, you’re going lose even when you survive the battle of Covid-19.

So what’s our option?

Carpe diem

urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.
 The best thing we can do to right now is to live in the present.
I keep saying this and I am gonna say it again, you’re bigger than your problems thoughts.
Don’t think too much, focus on the brighter side of this lockdown. More time to rest and practise self-care and spend with your loved ones.

When I thought it was over for me, I journaled.
When I didn’t have any inspiration, I wrote poems for me.
These very poems helped me deal with anxiety, hopelessness and various other emotions. The words became a self-fulfilling prophecy and transformed my life.
Poems I wrote for myself | Shreya Badonia poetry book

To help people dealing with emotional stress, I am coming out with my second book with is filled with self-love prose and poetry I have been writing for the last 5 years in my journal 🙂 It’s called The Poems I Wrote For Myself.

I wrote these poems through heartbreaks, anxiety, depression, uncertainty and many more such emotions. They helped me deeply and I believe they’ll help you as well. It’s available for Pre-orders. It’s absolutely free for Kindle Devices.

Read it and share it with your loved ones 💖





1 thought on “This Too Shall Pass”

  1. This blog is a love letter to hope and mindfulness. There was a time when I was suffering from OCD and there was no one I could lean upon, I had no option left but to understand how my mind works.

    I finally figured out our mind is like a child. It believes what we tell it to believe. So I told my mind, “I am a survivor. I am a warrior.” After some time it believed and my mind is now my best buddy. I don’t need someone to tell me what to do or what I shouldn’t do. Whenever I am stuck with any critical decision in my life and business, I tell my mind to think not what is but what can be and I manifest my desire.

    I see this pandemic as a gift to spend more time with people that matter the most and most importantly, we ourselves. You are not alone in this. We have this wonderful time to understand our minds and become a magnet to our desire.

    These days when tomorrow seems uncertain, I tell my mind to live in the moment and focus on what’s important. Learning new ways to serve my market and cherish this moment with my family. And I don’t even realize what’s happening out there. I want to capture this lovely moment in the pages of my memories to recreate in my mind when the dust will be unclouded and I will get back to my normal routine. Because it will help in my new chapter of life.

    Thanks for sharing your chapter of life to illumine hope and positivity out of your darkest period. My best wishes are with you and your new book. As a wise man said, “What not kills you makes you stronger.” 😉

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