Make The Most of Your Quarantine

It’s been a week since the lockdown in India and over a fortnight since most of us, are in quarantine.

As PM Modi announces 21 days lockdown, things are getting momentous.

Look, I don’t know for how long this is going to last. With the cases rising every day it’ll take at least a month to get back to normal, which also saves us a lot of time which by not getting stuck in traffic and getting ready for work.

Make the most of your Quarantine


In this blog post, I talk about how we can make the most of our quarantine during this pandemic which has over the world.

We have 21 days.

This somehow reminds me of that dialogue from Chak de India, where Shah Rukh Khan says

72-minute h tumare paas.

So let’s make the most of it while we can until we can!


For people who are working from home, make sure you’re taking your work from home seriously and if you don’t know how to do that; check out my post for Thrive Global. 

With everything closed, we can’t go out in the park, we can’t do out to meet friends, we can’t go for movies or drinks. It’s a complete lockdown and the only place we’ll be spending most of our time is our home.

People are dying every hour, people in the security and healthcare are working relentlessly so we can stay safe. Now what you do with your time is truly your choice but just think how luxurious life you’re living when people are giving up their lives for us.

It’s not only our duty to ourselves but every doctor, every nurse to use this time judiciously at home to bring back the world to life again.

Think of this 21 days of Lockdown as a silver lining ✨

Now, let’s talk about how we can make utilise it for our best.

You can divide your time during quarantine into three different categories.

First and foremost your professional time slot for your remote job or if you’re a college student for your upcoming exams. This one category should take the biggest chunk of your day and should be your top priority.

Calculate how much extra time you’re taking to finish a task.
Is it because you’re feeling slugging or you’re taking nap while working?

Remember, the sooner you finish your job, the sooner you can do what you love that too GUILT FREE!

Do some math.

How long is your commute time? God bless you if you’re a Bangalorean.

Since you’re not going to work, how much time are you saving each day and where is it going?

Do you want to regret not following your dreams just because you slept a few extra hours or you spent your days on Facebook seeing people clap during the Janta Curfew?

No, right?

Then be accountable for the extra time you’re saving while WFH. Let us suppose you’re saving 2 hours every day, now where do you plan to invest this time? If you don’t hold accountability for it, you won’t be able to enjoy or leverage this crucial time.

Plan your quarantine
My Quarantine Planning in my current journal.

To make the most of my Quarantine and this lockdown

  • I bought 10 different books on psychology, business and personal development. I plan to finish 10 books in the next month.
  • I am working on posting 10 blogs in 21 days (if you don’t find them, please feel free to ask me about it on LinkedIn, be my accountability friend?)
  • I have also taken some online courses to expand my knowledge and my online business.

Not to forget,

I love watching movies and TV shows as much as any other person in this world but is it really how I plan to invest my EXTRA time? By nibbling on other people’s content? Hell No!!

My family and I spend a significant amount of time talking and having fun and I have devoted 2-3 hours a day for entertainment and that’s when I watch movies and Talk Shows.

I hope when this gets over, I have the satisfaction to have used my time diligently.

In a nutshell, if you want to make the most of your quarantine, segregate your time in three different categories.

  • Career
  • Personal
  • Fun

This will help you have the best of all the worlds.

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

William Penn

If you have any other tips, feel free to add them in the comments.

And let’s hold each other accountable for our mini-goals.

Comment below and tell me how you plan to do in this 21 Day Lockdown.





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