Say Bye To Shyness

If you don’t already know, I am Shreya Badonia, another human.

Transformation - Shreya Badonia

I am just going to tell you that you’re lucky to have found this course, I didn’t have this opportunity when I was struggling with my shyness. I didn’t know what to do or whom to ask for help. I wouldn’t speak at all, not even to my classmates or my relatives. I was so shy, I would hide in the closest when people would visit us.

I used to avoid going to events or participate in any extracurricular activities that would involve human interaction. Even after moving from Bhopal to Bangalore, I struggle to give myself a voice.

I was hopeless. Being shy is worse than being dumb. Because people who are dumb are genetically dispensed from speaking UNLIKE us.

Say Bye to Shyness - Cover - Shreya Badonia

“Shyness has nothing to do with your age. If you don’t work on it now, it may cling with you till your grown-up life.”

Well, long story short. I bade my goodbye to shyness long before and it changed my life. I published my first book, started a youtube channel, a podcast and gave a bunch of talks at institutes like NIT-Trichy and NIFT Bangalore. From not being able to speak in front of 2 people to be able to speak in front of 400 people, I am proud of myself to have come a long way.

In this audio course, I’ll teach you how to get a bye to your shyness and embrace yourself and have a voice.

What will you get in this course?

  • We’ll dive deep into the psychology of shyness
  • I will share my story of how I got about of it
  • This course will help you find your voice
  • You’ll get 8 easy doable steps to get out of shyness
  • You’ll feel much confident after this course
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