12 Ways to Take Care of Yourself by Shreya Badonia

Time is tough, we know it. In the hustle and bustle of WFH and managing your family, we forget to take care of ourselves which results in getting overwhelmed and anxious. To save you from the remorse here’s are 12 Ways to take Care of Yourself by Shreya Badonia 



  1. Learn to say NO

At times, you get muddled up only because your desire to do something is different than your friends or family. Mostly in such scenarios, you end up choosing something against your wants, you end up saying yes to things that bring you chaos. You do that be to the bigger person, to be a good friend and a better wife/husband.  And you forget that by doing all of this, you’re hurting the most important person in your life- yourself!

Saying no when you can’t stay up a Zoom meeting is okay.

Saying no when you want to talk to a friend is okay.

When you say no to others, you’re saying yes to yourself.

2. Appreciate Yourself

Every day when I wake up, I reluctantly check my views on my Youtube videos and subscriber count. I sigh seeing the number and end up feeling dejected. I often forget to focus on how far I have come because I am constantly trying to go further.

As a self-love coach, I tell my clients to appreciate themselves for the little efforts. In running behind the algorithms and numbers, I forgot to appreciate myself. I missed celebrating my small wins.

We realize that what we are accomplishing is a drop in the ocean. But if this drop were not in the ocean, it would be missed.

Mother Teresa

We all are trying our best every day to be a better person and grow in our professional and personal life. Even when no one sees your efforts and wins, you’ve to acknowledge them and feel grateful for yourself.

3. Calm your Mind

If there are too many tools and browsers open on your computer, your system may crash anytime.
That’s what happens when your mind is going through numerous scenarios and thoughts at once. You’re sitting at home but wondering about your best friend is doing miles away. You’re sitting in the sun but thinking about how many likes your new post on Facebook will get. You’re having dinner but wondering what you’ll be eating tomorrow.

There are gazillions of such examples of excessive thinking. We can’t be efficient if our mind is not calm.

To take care of your mental and emotional well-being, you need to make sure you’re at peace and your mind is calm and serene.

The rarest and most valuable thing on this planet: a clear mind.

-Nassim Taleb

4. Don’t Try to Fit in


There are 7 billion people in this world and all of these people are different from one another.

When we try to fit with others, we become oblivious to your uniqueness and interests. We forget our roots and about things that make us who we are to be accepted by the status quo.

You are meant to thrive exactly the way you are.

You are an eclectic mix of beautiful traits, don’t let them go in vain in trying to fit in a place you don’t belong to. Hold firmly to your uniqueness and appreciate it daily. Don’t agonize your heart and soul in thinking it’s difficult to get along with a few people. Self-care begins when you start listening to your own heart. Choose things that you want to do without feeling intimidated by what others will think. 

Forget about fitting in and focus on finding people like you and building your own tribe.

5. Eat Right

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and a healthy body is the result of healthy eating habits. I have been practicing intermittent fasting for 10 months and I have never felt this energetic before. As a former junkie, I have never been this conscious about what I put in my body. 

Eat right is a fundamental part of self-care. You’re what you eat and if you care about yourself, you’ll more likely to eat food that’s good for your body.

In the long run, hygienic and good food will help you big-time. It will energize not just your body but your soul too. 

6. Build a Strong Relationship with Yourself

Self-love is the relationship you share with yourself. And this relationship is the root of all the relationships you have in your life.

Man is a social animal. We crave attention, we crave love and we need companionship. Depending on others for all of these will eventually make you a parasite. What you need to do is to make self-love the pillar of your life and cultivate a strong relationship with yourself.

Appreciate it and nurture it. Be loyal to yourself. And most important of all-  Don’t let yourself lose YOU.

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself.”

7. Talk to yourself with love

I talk to myself almost all the time. Before coaching people, I coached myself to fall in love with the person I am.

The talks don’t always have to be inspiring, you could just talk to yourself like you’re talking to a friend.

If you become friends with yourself, it’s much easier to fall in love.

Talk to yourself like you’re talking to your best friend.

It may sound weird but you’ve got to try it before you raise your eyebrow.

Whatever we say to ourselves is either taken to our conscious mind and applied in various behaviors or actions or is taken to our subconscious mind where it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It really works!

So think before you call yourself a loser next time.

8. Appreciate Me Time

No matter how busy you are, you can always take out 30 minutes for yourself.

This me-time should be exclusively dedicated to yourself and your self-care. There’s no rule on how you spend these 30 minutes; just make them all about yourself.

Observe nature and go on walks, ponder over some thought-provoking questions, art, or whatever comes to your mind.

Have a cup of coffee with your journal. Moisturize your skin. Laugh on your jokes. Practice deep breathing.

As long as you’re fully present with yourself, you’re doing it right.

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.

-Oprah Winfrey

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