Sindhu Satish on Law of Attraction on Silver Lining with Shreya

In this blog post, I have talked about my podcast episode with Sindhu Satish on Law of Attraction.

If you don’t know Sindhu, she is a Social media specialist | Certified Hypnotherapist and a well-celebrated Quora writer. While browsing through Quora, I found her profile and got intrigued by her answers. she wrote about her travel experiences and law of Attraction coaching, which was something new on Quora.

She talked about how she manifested her dream home in Mumbai and finding the right partner. It was 2017 December when I was going through a low, and messaged her about my condition. She was extremely helpful and shared some resources with me to work on. And when we became friends and I decided to host her on either for my youtube show or my podcast, way before I had one.

Sindhu Satish Shreya Badonia Quora

We all have heard about the secret. And it has changed so many lives across the globe and today we talk about that secret!

In this podcast episode with Sindhu Satish on Law of Attraction, We talk about the law of attraction on a deeper level and what all we both manifested into our lives. Sindhu shared some tips and techniques to allow the law to work for us.

Listen to this podcast if you don’t know how to leverage LOA into your life and need some guidance, and if you don’t believe in it then you must listen to know that it is real and we both are the living proof of it! 😉

I won’t be giving away too much and let you enjoy our conversation. Listen to it on Spotify or Anchor

My Story

I stumbled upon The Secret when I was 14 maybe, and I was hooked instantly. My positive mindset stems from The Secret and my thoughts. I manifested my dream college which was Nift Bengaluru back then, leaving behind engineering after 9 months of struggle.

Law of Attraction is not just about thinking postive thoughts or visualisation. It’s more than that and to answer all your question and to specifically talk about how the law of attraction changed my life, I made this video


If you’re clueless about how to use LOA in your life, check out my 2020 PLANNER with comes with a vision board and goal setting to help you manifest your desires.

I made this video after receiving a lot of queries on my Podcast episode with Sindhu Satish on Law of Attraction, you can listen to it in the link mentioned below. Listen to my Podcast on Spotify: Apple Podcasts  Google Podcasts

Have you attracted anything in your life using the law of attraction? Tell me in the comments below.






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