The Life Stylist

The Life Stylist - Shreya Badonia

Becoming a fashion stylist was my dream. And I was fortunate enough to study it in a fashion college and to work a wardrobe stylist. My job allowed me to deal with personal clients who were looking to rack up their closest with pieces that resonate with their personality. Playing with colours, print and fabric was a great experience and I loved helping people out with the stigma of being themselves in terms of the clothes they were wearing.

All this while I was giving away my knowledge about fashion, trends, and styles. Over a year of interaction with tons of people in the real and virtual world, I realized how important is to be feel good about ourselves and how your self-confidence flickers around how you’ve dressed. My brief experience in the industry taught me that most of the people wanted to change their life by changing their wardrobe, they wanted to look better to feel happier. They wanted to adopt new trends to fit in. Little did they know that these practices were superficial and would only have temporary results. What they needed to do in order to achieve their desires was to style their life and not just their wardrobe.

I wanted to share whatever I learned from my self-love journey, which started when I was 15, with the world. I wanted to help people not just look pretty but to feel beautiful. I wanted to make people understand their worth and to feel good about themselves every morning. I wanted the world to understand the importance of reinventing their existing lives into a life that is filled with self-love and self-acceptance. A life that is too good to be true and feels like a blessing.

My inkling for writing and helping people made me leave my fashion stylist job and I came back home to work on my first book Silver lining Journal: A journal to rediscover yourself. And that’s how my journey of being a Life Stylist started. Quora also played a vital role in this journey, I was writing about personal growth and self-love even before I realized what I wanted to do with my life.

Helping people look good was fun but making people feel good is ecstatic 🙂

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